Pedodontics (Children Dentistry)

Paediatric or Pedodontic dentistry focuses on prevention and treatment of dental problems in children, as well as diagnosis and preventive treatment of dental and skeletal problems during development. The aim is to detect these abnormalities early, monitor its progression to determine appropriate management and formulate an effective treatment plan.

Ensure a healthy nice smile for your children
  • Your child’s first dental consultation should be scheduled at the age of 12 months. Early, regular visits will help reduce anxiety and fear, making future visits more stress-free. At the same time, your child’s teeth and gums will be examined thoroughly.
  • When primary teeth appear on the dental arch, they may be cleaned with a clean, wet, and soft cloth or wet gauze. Also, gently wipe the gums.
  • Start brushing the teeth of your little ones as early as 1 years old with a toothpaste and toothbrush adapted to the age of your child. It is important to employ correct brushing
  • Milk bottle syndrome is a form of tooth decay due to frequent or prolonged exposure to milk, fruit juice, or sweetened liquids. It appears after the age of 12 months and manifests as massive destruction to the structures of the teeth, especially the top front incisors. To prevent this, children above 12 years of age should be trained to give up on the feeding bottle, especially during night time. Never let your child go to sleep with a full bottle as the liquid will pool behind their front teeth, allowing bacteria in plaque to feed on it, producing acids that erode the outer surface of the teeth with time.
What are the sealants?

Dental sealants are a thin, tooth-coloured acrylic applied to the chewing surfaces of the teeth – usually the permanent premolars and molars. The sealant bonds into the pits and fissures of the tooth, forming a highly protective shield over the enamel from plaque and acids, which will otherwise cause decay.

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