Dental Check-up

Why is attending regular dental check-ups important?

Regular check-ups are needed to monitor your overall oral health.

  1. Check for early and existing cavities
  2. Examine the general health of your entire mouth and surrounding soft tissues,
  3. Screen for any pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions, oral sores, and gum disease.
  4. Studies have shown an association between systemic diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and gum disease with poor oral hygiene.

Regular dental care visits are an integral part of maintaining your overall oral health.

At the same visit, Scaling and Polishing will be arranged either before or after the check-up to remove plaque buildup and surface stains from tobacco use or consuming coffee or tea, polishing your teeth to a beautiful shine!

Dental x-rays may be required as some dental problems are “hidden” and a visual examination alone will not suffice. X-rays show the dentist the condition of your teeth and the structures surrounding them for them to make a definitive diagnosis and develop a customised treatment plan for you. Also, they can help detect developing issues or pathology so early intervention can be performed before the problem worsens.

We appreciate that some of you may have concerns about your safety. The low radiation levels make dental x-rays perfectly safe and a lead apron will be provided to cover your abdomen. The only exception is pregnant and lactating women.

Dental x-rays can help us to;
  1. See what’s going on beneath, between, and under your teeth and gums. Eg. Cavities, Wisdom Teeth,
  2. Detect problems in existing dental work
  3. Detect receding bone and abscesses
  4. Detect early or existing oral lesions/diseases.
  5.  Confirm dental health status of existing teeth and bone for complex treatment procedures eg, Dental Implants, crown and Bridges.
  6. Document your dental health status, establishing a baseline from which to monitor changes over time. 

If it has been more than 6 months since your last check up and cleaning, don’t wait any longer! Call Smile Doctor clinic to schedule your appointment today!

Feedback & Comments

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